Sand Script

The photographs in this portfolio were taken at a black-and-white sand beach on the Island of Hawai‘i. The beach is composed of both fine black sand, formed by the weathering of lava, and even finer white sand, derived from coral. Because the black and white sands have different densities, each wave rearranges them in intricate patterns. Any disturbance of the sand, including tracks left by people, birds, or turtles, becomes the focal point of a new pattern once the slightest wave washes over it.

Fresh-water springs erupt along the beach, creating concentric rings of black-and-white sand, which are the subject of several of the photographs. Small streams fed by the springs flow across the beach toward the ocean, carrying away most of the finer white sand and leaving mainly black sand within the channel. As the tide rises, each incoming wave deposits a new layer of white sand, erasing the previous patterns and creating a new picture.

The black-and-white images were published in LensWork and LensWork Extended #99, March-April 2012.
Sand and Lava
Streaming Sand
Swimming Upstream
Dancing Sand
Springs 2